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Partners through Change facilitates healthcare organizations in working towards cost effective delivery of their services.

Whether it be MU1&2, ACA, ACO, ICD-10, EMR/EHR,...deadlines are upon us. Most physician practices have realized that these requirements are not going away. They have bitten the bullet and started on their respective journeys towards compliance. Others are either ignorant of what these are, still in denial they will happen, or are delaying their start. (read more)

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Published Healthcare Articles

"Lessons on the Road to Performance Excellence: Three Organizations Share Theirs"
ColoradoBiz Magazine - May 2015
by Triche Guenin

"The Health Care PRIME Directive: Diversity Equals Greater Innovation"
ColoradoBiz Magazine - Jan 2015
by Triche Guenin

"Putting Colorado on the Digital Health Map: Diversity is Key"
ColoradoBiz Magazine - Dec 2014
by Triche Guenin

"A Focus on Performance Excellence: A Differentiator for Health Care Leaders"
ColoradoBiz Magazine - Sept 2014
by Triche Guenin

"Lions, Tigers, and Bears ... Sky Ridge Medical Center's Journey to Oz"
ColoradoBiz Magazine - May 2014
by Triche Guenin

"Health Care: Going "Lean" - It's Time to Really Listen to the Customer"
ColoradoBiz Magazine - May 2013
by Triche Guenin

"I Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda: Innovation in the Healthcare Industry Is Now Easier"
ICOSA - August 2011
by Triche Guenin

"I Shoulda/Coulda/Woulda... Innovation Made Easier"
ColoradoBiz Magazine - June 2011
by Triche Guenin

"Getting It Right During Turbulent Times"
ICOSA - June 2011
by Triche Guenin

"Accessing Your Health with a Touch of a Button: Two Docs Have a Great App"
ColoradoBiz Magazine - April 2011
by Triche Guenin

"Tough Economic Times Mean...Getting Tough and Investing in Yourself"
ColoradoBiz Magazine - Sept 2010
by Triche Guenin

"Health Care Really Goes Global with Medical Tourism"
ColoradoBiz Magazine - March 2010
by Triche Guenin

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Let PTC help YOU

Physicians, on one hand, you are masters of change. The medical arena is an ever-evolving field with updates in technology, drug interventions and treatment practices. On the other hand, there seems to be a quagmire of healthcare-related legislation, initiatives, and threats of competition. How do you create a balanced and healthy environment in which to thrive?

Regardless of which external force is impacting you, allow yourself and all of your staff to go through the emotional cycle of change. (read more)

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